Faith Reflections: The Book

Faith Reflections: The Book

A creative process

The time away really has been very productive.

I am pleased to be able to share with you that my first book is on its way!

After a number of discussions with different people, I have compiled 57 of the  posts from this blog that received the most positive reaction.

It has been a fascinating process, trawling back over the past articles.

For the past couple of years I had been praying that God would help me start writing.

It turned out that the most useful way for that to happen was to actually start.

I wonder how many other people are like me, praying for God to help them do something, while God patiently waits for them to realise they have some part in it too!

The fact I am close to having my first book published has kind of snuck up on me..

Each day I have just had a crack at writing what God was showing me in that moment, and somehow it has become a book!

The creative process of writing has been important for me, and I have been learning a lot.

As I said in the introduction to this blog, I know I don’t have all the answers, but I have often found it helpful when others make visible the questions they are wrestling with, and I hope I have been able to do that a bit.

I have sent subscribers to the blog an electronic draft of the book for their feedback, and hope to have it available through Amazon in the next couple of weeks.

As a bit of a preview, this is the table of contents:


Faith Reflections. 1
Faith in a bloke. 4
The wrestle with faith has an Irish soundtrack. 6
Grace doesn’t make sense. 9
I admit lies and sin. 12
I have weaknesses. 14
Bicycles and Faith. 16
Allowing myself to be here. 18
Hope is one of the most precious things. 20
Rejoice in suffering?. 22
Losing control 25
Sometimes I skip and dance. 27
It is ok and it will be ok. 29
Walk the talk. 30
Becoming Yourself 33
Is it really better to burn out than to fade away?. 35
People are different 38
People who annoy me. 41
Not all dreams are good. 43
Telling God where to Go. 45
The crutch that trips you up. 47
Letting yourself care. 50
Forget Policy. 52
Imagine all the people. 55
The story telling leader. 58
What is Leadership?. 60
Different Perspectives. 62
The point of leadership. 65
True leadership. 67
Stop trying to “get there”. 70
You call this a plan?. 72
What would He really do?. 75
The Prince of Peace ???. 78
Who are you?. 80
Real apprenticeship. 82
Taking a break. 84
Stop the world. 87
God’s plan for a break. 89
The search for identity. 91
There is a time for every purpose. 94
Give up helping.. 97
Why do I get it so wrong?. 99
Knowing your friends. 101
Who cares what the people think?. 104
Prayer means shutting up. 107
“As you entered this life, I pray you’ll depart: with a wrinkled face and a brand new heart”  109
Playing Politics. 112
An interventionist God. 115
I am the master of my own destiny. 117
In the shadow of greatness. 121
Hanging on to hope. 123
Good Fences make Good Neighbours. 125
Coming home to my wife. 128
John Wesley’s Small Group Questions. 130
John Wesley’s commandos. 132
A unique community 133

One thought on “Faith Reflections: The Book

  1. hi Matt,

    just finishing reading my e-mails and going thought faith Reflections. i been saving them in a file so i can read them again, and thinking why dosnt he just right a book it save me a lot of hasel as i am not good at computers and saving things then i just read your new e-mail and i am excited that you have i fine what you write easy to read and relate easy to them. good luck and i will be buying it

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