South Africa Pilgrimage: On the road again

South Africa Pilgrimage: On the road again

Coming home for the first time

I’m sitting on a bus again with 30 other pilgrims making our way from Cape Town to Joburg.

We left 5 of our number in Capetown including my friend Gerri who is travelling to Kenya to visit her sponsor child.

Another person we left in Capetown is Philip a German social worker who is doing his Thesis on Fusion.

He tells me that Fusion is unique, and after my first week in South Africa I think I am seeing that more clearly.

In Philips view, (and in that of his academic supervisors he tells me) there are very few if any organisations that work at the grassroots of communities like Fusion does.

I first met Philip in Germany when he came to a Foundations course. It is interesting to hear him talk about Fusion and see us through his eyes. I am really looking forward to reading his thesis.

There is something about engaging with people from different cultures that helps me see myself more clearly.

Being here in South Africa I think I see Fusion more clearly – at least the best of what Fusion might be.

As I talk to Stella, to Derek and the emerging leaders of Fusion in Africa, I see that there is a wholeness that this continent hungers for that isn’t really about Fusion – its the Kingdom.

When Fusion is at its best though, it is that wholeness that we produce. It is that wholeness that I think Philip is seeing and trying to capture in his Thesis. It is the quest for that wholeness that has given Stella her job in Alex and it is the intangible sense of that wholeness that keeps me going.

I wrote the series of posts about Kingdom D.N.A. a few weeks ago and it has been interesting to re-read them each day. I think that D.N.A. is Fusion it its best and is also what Africa is hungry for.

Who was the poet who talks about going on a long journey only to arrive back where you started and being able to see it for the first time? I feel a bit like that.

15 minutes down 19 hours to go

15 minutes down 19 hours to go

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  1. Hi Matt, you have your finger on the pulse, people are so hungry for wholeness. I think that was a part of what attracted me to Fusion’s ministry and why I can heartedly recommend people connect with Fusion to experience God’s Kingdom in a tangible way. Its new to me to have to rate stuff…I still don’t feel real comfy doing it. In a way it feels as if its criticizing something from your heart. I am priviledged to receive your reflection gift. Thank you

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