Faith Reflections Book

Faith Reflections Book

Faith Reflections is now available as a paperback or for Kindle

After a year of wrestling with faith the articles that have received the most response are now a book.

Inside you will find 64 reflections on faith and life that can be read cover to cover, or one at a time.

The table of contents:

Why Faith Reflections?. 2
Faith in a bloke. 5
The wrestle with faith has an Irish soundtrack. 7
Grace doesn’t make sense. 10
I admit lies and sin. 13
I have weaknesses. 15
Bicycles and Faith. 17
Allowing myself to be here. 19
Hope is one of the most precious things. 21
Sometimes it’s good to be upset 23
Rejoice in suffering?. 25
Losing control 28
Sometimes I skip and dance. 30
It is ok and it will be ok. 32
Walk the talk. 33
What is truth?. 35
Becoming Yourself 38
People are different 40
People who annoy me. 43
Not all dreams are good. 45
Telling God where to Go. 47
The crutch that trips you up. 49
Letting yourself care. 52
Forget Policy. 54
Imagine all the people. 57
The story telling leader. 60
What is Leadership?. 62
Different Perspectives. 64
The point of leadership. 67
True leadership. 69
Stop trying to “get there”. 72
You call this a plan?. 74
What would He really do?. 77
The Prince of Peace ???. 80
Who are you?. 82
Real apprenticeship. 84
Is it really better to burn out than to fade away?. 86
Taking a break. 89
Stop the world. 92
God’s plan for a break. 94
The search for identity. 96
There is a time for every purpose. 99
Give up helping.. 102
Why do I get it so wrong?. 104
Knowing your friends. 106
Prayer means shutting up. 109
“As you entered this life, I pray you’ll depart:”. 111
Playing Politics. 114
Letting go of my view.. 117
Life – but not as we know it 119
What is freedom?. 120
Dancing on the Battlefield. 122
Its gotta be real 124
So how do we do this?. 126
No man is an island. 128
An interventionist God. 131
I am the master of my own destiny. 133
In the shadow of greatness. 137
Hanging on to hope. 139
Good Fences make Good Neighbours. 141
Coming home to my wife. 144
John Wesley’s Small Group Questions. 146
John Wesley’s commandos. 148
Poatina Village is unique. 149
About Me. 151

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