My Dad

My Dad

I know it’s a bit unusual to have a page about your father on a blog like this, however in order to understand why I would be on the path I am you need to know about my Dad.

In Australia my Dad is very well-known in Christian and other circles as a radio broadcaster. speaker and the founder of Fusion.

As long as I can remember he has been working to change the world, which made for an interesting childhood.

One of my earliest memories is being taken for a motorbike ride by a man who dad had been working with for a few years, who had schizophrenia, a fact that I was oblivious to, along with the fact that my parents had no idea where I was. That man went on to become a leader supporting churches in a nation where churches are oppressed – just one of the hundreds of people who were helped by Dad over the years.

One of Dad’s gifts has been to see things differently to other people and then find ways of communicating it. He produced over 2000 episodes of his award-winning “Breakthrough Generation” radio program at one stage as aired on over 100 radio stations nationally. He has authored three books and the bulk of Fusion’s training courses.

Dad and I haven’t and don’t always see eye to eye, in fact a friend told me last week that Fusion’s history could be tracked by arguments you have had with your Father. Those arguments have been very important for me. It has been an important journey to be able to distinguish me and my views from him and his. I love the fact though that I can have an intense discussion with him one minute and give him a heartfelt hug the next.

At key points in my life he has been there with wisdom that has been a bedrock for my life. When I was considering marrying Leeanne he told me to read Matthew 6:33 and told me the main thing was to work out what I wanted my life to be about, and to ensure it wasn’t about seeking first a wife but seeking first the Kingdom. That conversation was very formative for me, Leeanne and I had the verse engraved on our rings and that wrestle has become one of the major themes of my life.

I am very proud of what Dad has achieved so far with his life, and the fact Fusion is now in 17 countries and continues to move forward after his retirement is testament to his leadership.

I know I wouldn’t be the same person without his love and support, and the way he has modeled the wrestle of living faith in the real world.

15 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. THanks Matt. Meeting Mal and being part of Fusion has been about me finding my own vocation. Thanks for sharing him and sharing your own world and thoughts about what happening right now. Helpful.

  2. Well said Matt. Fusion has made all the difference to my life and hopefully, thanks to Mal and the teaching of so many other wise & servant hearted guys & gals across the movement, is helping us make a real difference to our communities here in Northern England.

  3. Thanks Matt, i miss your dad and mum so much, my life has been so rich and continues to be because of them. I admire them both and respect them deeply and always will.. appreciate your words mate.

  4. matt thanks… for sticking in there when times are tough and i think your dad has lead and will continue to lead an amazing and blessed life i know i am blessed to have been taught by you and your dad

  5. Well said Matt! So many people have been impacted by Mal’s life and leadership. It’s great that you honour him in this way.

  6. Thanks Matt. Its great to hear this about Mal from you.
    Your Dad has taught me so much and I know I wouldn’t be where I am if he didn’t believe in me..

  7. Awesome testimony and it’s wonderful to hear that you and Leeanne put that verse on your wedding rings. As you do that right all the other things are added unto you 🙂

    God bless you,

  8. wow what a realonshipyou have with your dad, i was just thinking ave dinnerabout my dad the other night over theyearsand before he died i can count on one hand how many times i had spoken to my dad, all i remember is negitive remarks and nothing positive althought i made my husband ask my dad for permission to marry me and he gave us his blessing my dad could not be invited to my wedding, he did come and visit me and have dinner once and all he said was the custard was not hot enough yet he was stillmy dad sad but true i wish i could had a bettter realonship with him but i was one of 12 children and if he wasnt drunk he was working or injaol l love both you and your dad, remeber what i said to you when i was at my first confence at fusion.. about the vision god had given me re you taking over from your father well it has come to past…bless you both and your families….

  9. Just read your website for the 1st time, Matt. Excellent. And your story about your Dad – how wonderful. He has been a great inspiration and Godly leader to so many people including me. Like do many other people, I have been blessed to know him as a friend too.

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