Kingdom D.N.A.: The dynamic

Kingdom D.N.A.: The dynamic

Turn and face the change

Sometimes the Christian church can look stagnant and caught in the past.

One of the  dynamics of Kingdom D.N.A. is that there is a constant movement and change.

People on the outside are being drawn onto the team.

People on the team are being drawn into the core.

People in the core are being drawn to new challenges.

Where Kingdom D.N.A. is present, the Gospel is always relevant.

As the diagram indicates, there is a constant movement towards the center where Kingdom D.N.A. is present. Those on the outside find themselves invited in and those who are in are drawn to the core.

This dynamic means that the group automatically reflects the community in which it is placed. Relevance doesn’t need to be an agenda item at a meeting or a subject of a training course, it is automatic.

This dynamic though, means that Kingdom D.N.A. runs counter to the second law of thermodynamics, the law of entropy:

The key insight was that the world is inherently active, and that whenever an energy distribution is out of equilibrium a potential or thermodynamic “force” (the gradient of a potential) exists that the world acts spontaneously to dissipate or minimize. All real-world change or dynamics is seen to follow, or be motivated, by this law.

One of the warning stories we in Fusion share, is that of organisations like the Y.M.C.A. that started with a similar heart to Fusion but eventually lost the energy and dynamism of Kingdom D.N.A. and became an organisation.

So many of our churches too, reflect particular moments of God’s action in time and space, but at some point lose the energy or will to keep changing and solidify around structures and traditions.

Where Kingdom D.N.A. is present, change and growth is constant.

Growth happens in two ways, either through people moving from the outside to the inside, or by those at the core splitting and forming a new cell in a new location, in much the same way that a human cell splits.

It is essential in this split however that all the elements of Kingdom D.N.A. are transferred otherwise the new cell will never fully develop a life of its own.

The first question of Kingdom D.N.A. is: Do you love Jesus?

The second question of Kingdom D.N.A. is: What is your vision?

The third question of Kingdom D.N.A. is: Who are your friends?

The fourth question of Kingdom D.N.A. is: Are you open?

The fifth question of Kingdom D.N.A. is: Will you empower others?

The sixth and final question of Kingdom D.N.A. is: Are you open to change?

And the questions that come from it:

  • Is there genuinely space for people who think differently?
  • Do we reflect the real needs of this moment?
  • Are we different today than we were last year?
  • Am I willing to seperate and establish Kingdom D.N.A. in a new place?

I'd love to hear what you think...

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