Losing control

I am sitting in the passenger’s seat as Leeanne drives us away from “Tasmazia”.

It is Sophie’s 8th birthday today and all she wanted to do was have a family day at Tasmazia with a friend.

There are 8 different mazes (4 major ones) and the four hours we were there flew by.

I was just trying to work out what it is about mazes that so engages children and some adults.

As I wandered through the first big maze with Leeanne while the kids sprinted ahead I reflected that a maze forces you to be present – to be in this moment.

You lose control in a maze, and no matter what you say or how you feel, you have to submit to the reality that is in front of you (and behind you).

At one point Dan got stuck up on a pole and needed me to come and lift him down. The only way I could do that was to navigate my way through the maze to the centre. There were no shortcuts no matter how much he told me to hurry up.

It struck me that there is a myth that the world perpetuates.

It is the myth of the “self-made man”.

It is the myth that somehow if I work hard enough I can be “in control”.

There is nothing biblical about the myth of control.

The bible teaches that God is in control and “His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts” (Is 40).

The fall of Adam and Eve was about control – wanting to be able to discern truth for themselves rather than trusting God.

I was challenged by the book “Christ plays in 10,000 places” by Eugene Petersen where he talks about the Sabbath.

Basically Petersen says that the Sabbath is a structural acknowledgement that God is actually in charge. He points out that if you are having trouble having time off, it could well be that its time to review whether you really believe God is in control.

I wonder if mazes are as engaging as they are because the are a metaphor for life.

I wonder whether God might be saying something like “By all means pretend you are in control, but when you hit that dead-end it perhaps might be time to acknowledge that the world doesn’t revolve around you and that the reason I sent my son was to show you the special path I built just for you”.

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